Things we might ask you and things that may help you plan your event.

What is the DATE of your event?

WHERE is your event going to be held? – Is your event being held at a private residence, public park, business location, private club, historical home or other?

Are there restrictions on set up and tear down times? Some locations require that you are in and out on the same day. They often charge for day before event set up or day after tear down. A tent PERMIT is sometimes required.

Do you prefer a FRAME or POLE tent?

Is your site easily accessible?

Will your tent be set on GRASS? We stake our tents. Pole tents need extra space for stake ropes. Make sure ground is fairly level and does not hold water.

ASPHALT? We drill holes in asphalt for our stakes and patch them when we leave or for frame tents only we can bring concrete ballast or water ballast to weigh down your tent.

GRAVEL? We would use stakes for frame and pole tents.

CONCRETE? You require a frame tent and it must be set using concrete ballast or water ballast, we do not drill concrete.

Do you need more than one tent?

Do you have a TENT SIZE in mind?
Watch for tree limbs, over head wires, building overhangs, etc. when picking out your spot. Make sure you have enough room. Multiply length by width to calculate number of tables per tent. Figure a 10×10 area for each table setting of 8. Example: a 30×40 tent would be 3×4=12 tables of 8 (don’t forget to leave room for buffets, displays, bars, stages, dance floors and any other areas you may need open for your event).

Would you like SIDEWALLS for part or your entire tent?

How many people will be at your event? Will they all be seated at the same time?

Would you like any TABLES?

Can we help you with table LINENS?

Do you need CHAIRS?

Would you like a DANCE FLOORS at your event?

Do you need tent LIGHTING?

Do you need heat for your event?

Things you can do to help make your site ready:

  • Make sure grass is cut a couple of days in advance so that clippings will blow away. This will also help the grass after your event.
  • Clean area where tent will stand of pet droppings or anything that will stick to inside of tent.

Please don’t staple, pin, or tape to tent, tables or any or our equipment.

Have site marked clearly for our installers if you can not meet us at set up.

Mark any underground work that could be damaged by our tent stakes.